Danish Cyclist Rides 5,000 Kilometers on Zwift at a Danish Mall

Training for the Race Across America is all about volume. Denmark’s Michael Knudsen has been putting in the hours of training to get there, but he decided to do a good chunk of training in a pretty strange place.

Where? Knudsen spent the past several days putting in those hours from the inside of a shopping mall. He rode 5,000 kilometers on Zwift completely within the Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen, finishing the 5k stretch last week. That’s not all, Knudsen even slept next to his bike inside the busy shopping center over the course of 10 days.

RAAM will bring plenty of challenges, dry noses from dry mall air, though, probably not one of them. He also was challenged by the 24/7 mall music and lengthy trip to the restroom on other floors.

Over a year ago, I got the crazy idea to do something crazy in a large mainstream shopping center to reach a far larger and different part of the population than what you typically achieve by doing these sorts of virtual cycling events

I just wanted to say a thousand thanks for the massive support I have received over the last 10 days. It’s been absolutely amazing.

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