Cool Hack Turns an Old Kindle into a Literary Clock

If you have an old neglected Kindle sitting around Jaap Meijers has a cool project that might interest you. His girlfriend, an avid reader and English teacher, wanted a clock for their living room, so he hacked an older Kindle into a literary clock.

The process is easy to follow over on Meijers Instructables post, it involves hacking and jailbreaking a Kindle so that it can run custom software. Thankfully, Meijers already did the real heavy lifting, finding a literary quote for every single minute of the day (there are 1,440 of them). He had a little help, as Guardian newspaper perviously farmed out the task to its readers back in 2011, and then shared the results.

Meijers was able to automate the process of turning each quote into an image that the Kindle then cycles through every minute, and as he’s been kind enough to share the resulting database on the Instructables page you can follow the steps and replicate the project.

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