The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a huge game and as such it has a nearly endless number of tricks to discover. But this one might just take the cake, it turns chickens into deadly weapons.

Videogamedunkey’s video of his Breath of the Wild playthrough is hilarious, he’s all about dropping boulders on people from afar, using Octoballoons to transform rafts into flying machines and generally trying any shenanigan he can come up with. All of that is cool and I believe, although silly, it’s a mark of a truly fantastic game. Giving people multiple ways to approach a problem, like killing an enemy, make the game a lot more interesting and adds a lot of value in terms of replayability.

There’s a lot of fun stuff in the video above, but the most fun is to be had when he commands an army of angry chickens to kill an enemy.


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