Can Bacteriophages Rescue Us from Drug-Resistant Bacteria?

I first heard about bacteriophages as an undergrad, then in pharmacy school they were briefly presented as a pie-in-the-sky future-tech way to curb the impending doom of drug-resistant bacteria. It’s cool to see the weirdness that is bacteriophages (bacteria-killing viruses) become part of more mainstream discussion.

In a highly informative and slightly ominous animated essay, design house Kurzgesagt explains the bacteriophage and why these creatures are so beneficial to protecting life on earth. And why we might use them to combat drug resistant bacteria in the future.

Bacteriophages are really real and terrifying…if you happen to be a bacteria. Bacteriophages attack by attaching themselves to bacteria, piercing their outer membranes, and then pumping them full of bacteriophage DNA. The phage replicates inside of the bacteria until the bacteria bursts and little baby bacteriophages are exploded out all over the place, ready to attack their own bacteria.




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