In the small town of Molsheim, France one of the most advanced automobiles in the world is made. The sequel to the 254 mph Veyron, the Chiron is slated to offer up 1,500 horsepower and a top speed of 261 mph. It will also cost you a cool $2.6 million.

Building the Chiron is no simple matter. Each car requires over 1,800 individual parts to come together with accuracy and precision. In charge of putting all those pieces together is a team of just 20 people, who get to work in a very special production facility (factory just doesn’t sound right).

Dubbed the “Atelier,” the building is shaped like the company logo and offers more than 1,000 square meters of pristine workspace. The ultimate workshop is almost as stunning as the cars emanating from it, with glossy white flooring, clean lines and stunning design. Twelve stations take the car from powertrain to paint to ready to rip up the Nürburgring.

The only electronic tool used in chassis assembly is something they call the EC nutrunner system. This allows a data curve of each bolt tightened on the chassis to be stored on a computer connected to the system, which then gives the assembly worker a signal when the right torque value is reached. There are more than 1,800 bolted joints on a Chiron, with documentation required for 1,068.

Once the Chiron is built it is rolled over to the dynamometer. They had to build a whole new special on just for the Chiron, as the old one couldn’t handle the increased horsepower. After the car is tuned, it’s time for installation of the bespoke interior and a test drive.

Each car undergoes a cosmetic preparation that takes two days before it is delivered. This includes a trip through the light tunnel where the Chiron is given a detailed inspection that takes more than six hours. If it passes that inspection, it’s presented before a team of executives who give final approval before handing the keys over to the owner.

According to Bugatti options include 23 paint colors, 31 colors of upholstery leather, eight Alcantara colors as well as 30 stitching, 18 carpet and 11 belt colors. The first cars (of 70 to be produced this year) are slated to be delivered within the next couple months. Pretty decent pace considering the efforts involved and the relatively small crew building them.


Source: Bugatti


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