Brandless Offers $3 Groceries and Household Essentials 1

Brandless Offers $3 Groceries and Household Essentials

It’s no secret that you pay for branding. Savvy shoppers know that Costco or Kroger’s house brands almost always offers the same quality at a better value. In fact they often they work with the same factories that supply the big name brands, but are able to cut out the costs of branding and marketing to deliver the product at a reduced price. San Francisco based Brandless has adopted the “house-brand” model and will be delivering their goods in contemporary fashion via a direct-to-consumer internet based grocery store.

For $3 across the board, Brandless will stock your pantry and home with household essentials. The company estimates that buying Brandless will save consumers an average of 40 percent on groceries – and up to 370 percent on beauty products. Given Brandless’ limited selection I doubt the impact on the average household will be quite as incredible as stated but with an expanding product offering they could get there.

Brandless Offers $3 Groceries and Household Essentials 2

In addition to grocery offerings, Brandless is selling full-tang riveted knives (Epicurious says they’re pretty sharp), toothpaste, hand soap, all-purpose cleaners, plates, bowls, mugs and even notebooks. A nice feature of the grocery offerings is that the online listings all include an easy to access and complete nutrition label.

Amongst the limited offering are some great deals. Who can argue with a $3 bag of peanut butter powder for crafting tasty smoothies, the grocery store gouges for this stuff.


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