Boombotix BB1 Ultra Portable Speaker | Review

The Boombotix BB1 ($39.99) is a comically well designed and highly functional speaker system. It has one main speaker and a tweeter for pretty amazing sound given it’s size. It’s available in multiple colors and has cool interchangeable eye speaker grills.


The Boombotix sound quality is above average for such a small device. It’ll definitely rock your tunes at the beach or on the go without turning them into mush. The Boombotix also sounds perfect in an office or small to medium sized room.

The built in rechargeable battery is a very nice feature and the charge time is less than 1 hour.

The Boombotix is definitely has a pretty unique style. It’s not for everyone, but I dig it and my fiance practically fell in love with the thing. A blue LED light’s up to indicate that the power is on even it looks pretty awesome.


  • Light weight and portable
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery
  • Belt Clip for Convenient Placement
  • Solid Vinyl Construction

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-Portable
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • High Quality Vinyl Construction
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Complex Sound Degrades at Higher Volume
  • Needs Computer to Charge via USB

Notable Features:

  • Highly stylish
  • Well constructed out of vinyl
  • Long lasting internal rechargeable battery
  • Works with any MP3 player or audio device with auxiliary


The Boombotix BB1 is the ultimate speaker for someone looking for stylish, ultra-portable audio. It’s easy to use, convenient for traveling, and delivers fantastic audio playback.


2012 Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Edition

Transformers Special Edition Camaro


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