We are quickly approaching the rainy season; grass will start growing, gardening will be back on the agenda and racing will get extra fun to watch. Why? Because wet weather produces some of the best racing the world has ever seen.

A good part of what makes wet-weather racing so great is that it separates the best from the rest. The best racers are distinguished by their wet weather performance. With grip in short supply, the masters of control become most clear. Ayrton Senna, hailed as the greatest Formula One driver of all time, truly shone when it was raining.

The dude became an absolute maniac in the wet, and that’s part of what made him great.

Above: The last laps of Interlagos 2008

It’s not super wet or super slick, what shines here is the tire gamble. Do you go wet or do you go dry, the championship was on the line and led to possibly the best F1 finish ever. Hamilton overtaking Glock in the last corner, Massa holding the lead for 20 seconds, great stuff.

2008 Drag Rage BERC Topfuel

A Top Fuel car in the rain? Why the hell not.

Rainmaster Senna’s Dramatic Race in Montreal – 1989 Canadian GP

A dramatic finish to a dramatic race for Ayrton Senna in Montreal. One of Senna’s best ever performances in the wet, despite the result.

Leh Keen’s Rain Dance – 24 Hours Nürburgring

Leh Keen behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT3 R at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, just prior to a nine-hour red flag stop to racing due to poor conditions.

M.Schumacher & Coulthard Crash Racing in the Rain — Belgium 98

Not the best example racing-wise, but watching Schumi drive that car around at speed on 3 wheels will put a shiver down your spine.

Dino Zamparelli Shows Off His Lightning Fast Reactions in the Rain

19-year-old Formula 2 racing driver Dino Zamparelli shows is coming up on an almost certain crash in the wet at Spa, Belgium. Traveling at 150 mph, the young rising star shows, in wet-weather conditions, why his career is taking off like a rocket.

2008 Daytona Supercross in the Rain

Chad Reed and Kevin Windham’s Epic Battle in the mud.

Rally Z Car in the Rain

There’s no such thing as too slippy.

Group B in the Rain

Listen to those glorious sounds.

When NASCAR Runs in the Rain

Enough said.


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