A ‘Bad Lip Reading’ of Trump’s Inauguration

Above: A ‘Bad Lip Reading’ of Trump’s Inauguration

The crew over at Bad Lip Reading took on Trump’s inauguration and, in doing so, they’ve given me the first reason for laughing since November 7th. Kidding, sort of, don’t want to trigger anyone.

Donald Trump Inauguration Bad Lip Reading
Trump Inauguration Bad Lip Reading

Less than a week after Donald J. Trump was sworn-in as President of the United States, BLP cooked up the beauty above. I hope that one day this footage will be part of a thoroughly perplexing History Channel documentary.

It truly is a fantastic episode of Bad Lip Reading, the way they capture the obvious animosity between the outgoing and incoming presidents is great. They finally make our current President Donald Trump amusing. But they don’t stop there. Barack and Michelle Obama, former President George Bush, Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton all get a little BLP treatment themselves.

My favorite line:

The goldfish of preteens never stood a chance

I suppose not, now that regulating water pollution is but a relic of our socialist past.


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