Amazon’s Just Announced ‘Echo Show,’ is Going to be on a Lot of Kitchen Counters Soon

Amazon officially announced the Echo Show ($230) this morning. The newest member of the Alexa-enabled family can handle all the same tasks as the Amazon Echo, but adds a seven-inch touchscreen so it can show you all sorts of new things.

With the Echo Show, you will be able to watch flash news briefing from CNN and other sources, YouTube videos, view photos from Prime Photos and even view streaming video from any connected smart security camera. When playing Amazon Music, the Echo Show will display song lyrics on the screen. Another big feature is the ability to use the Echo Show for messaging and video calling, using the device’s built in 5MP camera. You’ll be able to make video calls or send messages to anyone who has an Echo Show or the Alexa app on their smartphone.

Unlike the original, the Echo Show isn’t cylindrical so you won’t get 360-degree sound but I have a feeling most of these will end up on kitchen counters with backsplash behind them, so that’s probably ok. The non-360-degree sound should still be impressive as Amazon says it’s equipped with Dolby processing “for crisp vocals and extended bass response.” The Echo Show will also have eight microphones, one more than Echo’s seven, for better listening.

The Echo Show is available now for preorder and will start shipping on June 28.

Buy the Echo Show: Here


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