What a time to be alive. LEGO has really had its targets set on us 80s kids with sets revolving around The Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, India Jones, Star Wars, Gremlins, ET, and Jurassic Park. Now they’re bringing us something from Power Rangers.

Based on a design submitted by Lego Ideas userLen_D69, the LEGO Ideas Voltron is based on the design first seen in the 1984 animated series. Coming in at a whopping 2321 pieces, the kit is one of the biggest mech-style set LEGO has ever made.

The set features all five main lions from the Voltron Force—Black, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue—that can transform into the parts necessary to come together and form Voltron itself. Of course you also get the iconic Blazing Sword and Voltron’s shield.

When combined, Voltron clocks in at over 15 inches tall. If you want to snag a Voltron set for yourself you can do so starting August 1st for $180 from theofficial Lego website. If you’re inpatient and going to the San Diego Comic-Con next month, it’ll be available there in limited quantities.


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