Great Videos from the Week
Great Videos from the Week
I can’t keep up with the number of interesting, weird, viral and underrated videos that hit my inbox each week. Here’s a roundup of the best of the rest.

Ryan Reynolds Helps Honest Trailers Take on Logan

Honest Trailers takes on Logan. To do so they had to enlist Deadpool.

How Maple Syrup Harvesting Has Gone High-Tech

Buckets hanging on maple trees is so 200 years ago, modern producers use a system of tubes! This video got me going down a very sticky rabbit hole. Turns out there’s a lot of cool science going on to make sure I have syrup for my pancakes:

Stump based production

Reverse Osmosis for syrup concentration

Via Stereokroma:

In this episode, we join the Garland family on their century-old farm where they gather maple sap from trees in the area and transform it into delicious liquid gold. Their farm is located in the bilingual region of Eastern Ontario, near Ottawa. They have been collecting maple sap throughout generations, first using the traditional method of spile and bucket and boiling the sap down on a box stove, and now modernizing their process to use pipelines and an industrial-grade evaporator. They currently have approximately 4,200 taps and are working their way up to a large-scale product of 10,000. The process involves collecting the sap, then boiling it down to a thick syrup, and refining it into an edible product. The most surprising part of the process was that maple sap actually carries lots of natural, gritty sands that need to be filtered out. How long does the process take? Well, we were there for about 16 hours to film, and Ivan was still working hard after we left at 1:30am on the same batch. Although the concept of the process is simple, it is hard-work requiring plenty of supervision and technical knowledge.What does maple syrup taste like? In Europe, the type of tree syrup mainly produced is birch syrup…which allegedly tastes “more like medicine”. Maple syrup tastes very sweet, but has a nice smokey flavour. It’s great for dressing pancakes, waffles, meats (such as bacon), and is quite versatile in baking. Did you know that, unlike other syrups and sugars (brown sugar, corn syrup), maple syrup is actually good for you? It carries minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium, and iron among others. Other sugars offer little to none of this nutritional value.

Maple syrup is used to make soft candy, maple butter, maple jelly, maple popcorn, maple sorbet, maple cones, maple tarts, and maple cotton candy. It can be used in place of regular sugars as a sweetener in baking or drinks, and has lower glycemic load than brown sugar. It’s basically a super food! One that tastes great.

Taste-Testing the Internet’s Most Famous Pizzas

First We Feast’s Sean Evans teams up with The Pizza Show’s Frank Pinello to taste test internet-famous pizzas like The Taco Taco Taco Pizza, The Pizza Box Pizza, and a 24 Karat Gold Pizza that costs $2,000. And now I’m hungry.

World’s Heaviest Weight

YouTube channel Veritasium visits the world’s heaviest weight at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington, D.C. The weight weigh in at a maximum force of 1 million pounds. It’s used to calibrate measuring devices used to measure the force output of planes, jets, rockets and Hulk deadlifts. Pretty incredible stuff.

Incredible timelapse of clouds filling the Grand Canyon

As Mehmedinovic notes:

Millions of visitors a year come to Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the most visited national park in the western United States. However, on extremely rare days when cold air is trapped in the canyon and topped by a layer of warm air, which in combination with moisture and condensation, form the phenomenon referred to as the full cloud inversion. In what resembles something between ocean waves and fast clouds, Grand Canyon is completely obscured by fog, making the visitors feel as if they are walking on clouds.This video was filmed as part of SKYGLOW (, an ongoing crowdfunded quest to explore the effects and dangers of urban light pollution in contrast with some of the most incredible dark sky areas in North America. This project is being produced in collaboration with International Dark-Sky Association (, a non-profit fighting for the preservation of night skies around the globe.

Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

Spinal Tap would be so happy. I’d love to see a good metal guitarist go crazy on this thing.

A team of blacksmiths craft a Wonder Woman shield from scratch

What’s most impressive about this are the tiny details that make this prop look like a real, used shield. That and the magnificent eagle in the center!

The Earth is Round

It’s incredibly sad that a video explaining that the world isn’t flat needs to be a thing. But, thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet flat-earthers and their half-brained theories have a platform and reach. Life Noggin fight the good fight with science.

Literal Red Hot Chili Peppers

Musician Davie504 was asked by a fan if he could play some Red Hot Chili Peppers with an actual red hot chili pepper. He delivered.

Adam McKay – What Is Smart Dumb Comedy?

Director Adam McKay won an Oscar for The Big Short, but what McKay is really known for is dumb comedy that’s also kinda smart.



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